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Visiting the Gems of Southeast Europe

Visiting the Gems of Southeast Europe on the AmaVerde was an eye-opening experience that made me appreciate the freedoms afforded to all Americans. Upon visiting Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania, where the remnants of communism remain, the joy of having been liberated is immensely evident...Read more.

Cruising on the Romantic Rhine

    Traveling to Europe gave me first-hand experience with the Covid restrictions and protocols. The most important lesson is that the dread of presenting all the paperwork is the worst part. Once your documentation is presented at the airport, everything flows smoothly, almost to the point of normalcy.

 ...Read more.

Beautiful Castle on the Rhine

Highlights of Switzerland

    At the completion of our river cruise, we enjoyed two nights in Switzerland. We traveled to Lucerne by train and stayed at Hotel Des Balances in the heart of Old Town. With a wide variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance and the train station only about a ten-minute walk away,...Read more.

Stunning Switzerland!

Exploring Budapest

 Exploring the beautiful city of Budapest was awe-inspiring and worthwhile in so many exceptional and distinctive ways. Although Budapest is the capital and most populous city of Hungary and the ninth-largest city in the European Union by population within city limits, it has a small-town feel about...Read more.

Budapest Hungary

Feeding Reindeer at Williams Reindeer Farm

Having always been an animal lover, a visit to Williams Reindeer Farm is one of the places I frequent when I visit Alaska. Not only can one feed the reindeer while being surrounded by a herd of these amazing animals, each one wants to lick the food out of one’s hand with those soft and moisture lips....Read more.

Feeding Reindeer!
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