Bear-Viewing or Glacier-Landing?

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Bear Viewing and Glacier Landing

How does one decide between Bear-Viewing or Glacier-Landing?

During my most recent trip to Alaska, I took the opportunity to do both! Which is better? They are quite different but equally exciting and rewarding.

Our bear-viewing trip on a bush plane which seated four people and the pilot, originated in Anchorage, and dropped us off in Chinitna Bay. Along the way, we enjoyed breathtaking scenery, including at least three active volcanoes: Mt. Redoubt, Mt. Illiamna and Mt. Augustine, which had steam coming from the dome.  It is not only thrilling, but awe-inspiring, to fly so close to an active volcano.  There were numerous glaciers and lakes to view along the route. The short landing on gravel by the pilot when we arrived in Chinitna Bay showed how talented bush pilots must be to land and take off in wild Alaskan conditions. Upon arrival we were loaded onto a bus for a short trek to a walking trail where we were blessed to view 16 coastal brown bears grazing on the sedges and other plants, as well as digging for clams. To be so close to such magnificent creatures, while feeling totally at ease, is an experience I will treasure forever.

Flightseeing over Denali National Park has long been one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever undertaken while visiting in Alaska…or anywhere for that matter.  Being so close to the mountains that you feel you can touch them is a thrilling encounter as the sheer beauty of the rugged, snow-covered mountains takes your breath away. As luck would have it, I was able to sit where I could get the pilot’s view of the mountains and it was absolutely amazing. Landing on a glacier right in the middle of the mountain range created a lot of excitement onboard the flight due to the seemingly impossible short distance on the glacier to come to a stop, yet the pilots do it several times a day without fail. Being able to get out and walk on the glacier and admire the sheer majesty of the mountains surrounding us was a dream come true.

When I go back to Alaska which would I do again…BOTH!! 

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