My 30th anniversary to St Martin

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Diane Michael

Winston Salem, NC
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I recently had the pleasure of visiting the stunning island of St. Martin to celebrate my 30th anniversary. For those who know my husband's aversion to travel, convincing him to join me on this vacation was a  triumph in itself.

The contrast of the mesmerizing turquoise water and majestic mountains on the island left us in awe. Our chosen haven was the Secrets St. Martin All-Inclusive Resort, where we immersed ourselves in the sheer beauty of the water embracing the mountains—a truly unforgettable experience.

While a significant portion of our time was dedicated to relishing the resort's offerings, we enjoyed a couple of excursions. From ascending the mountain summit via a chair lift to indulging in the joy of feeding iguanas (a personal favorite), and marveling at planes landing at Princess Juliana Airport from the beach, each moment was a treasure.

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